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Writing a Business Plan Free

Writing a business plan free or for a fee is a necessary part of any business. If you intend to become involved in real estate investing the first thing you should do is create a plan for your business goals. Doing so will help you determine what investment niche to focus your attention on and what steps are required to reach your goals.

Many options exist for writing a business plan free. Microsoft Word includes free business plan templates. This is a good tool for individuals who have never written a plan for business. Templates can be customized and include suggestions and resources to help users develop both long and short-term plans as well as exit strategies.

Numerous companies offer business plan software. Many programs are free, some are shareware and others are available for a fee. Office supply companies sell business plan software and are a good source for locating niche business software such as real estate investing and property management.

The Small Business Administration is an excellent source for all your business planning needs. Not only can the SBA assist you in creating a real estate business plan, they can help you register your business name, file required legal documents, and help you obtain startup capital or financing.

The SBA has offices in most major cities. They offer a variety of services and workshops, free online training programs, and a host of marketing tools. To locate a local facility, visit

Many investors fail to develop a business plan. Nine times out of ten those investors fail. This statistic alone should motivate you to invest time into creating a plan. Realize business plans are the tool which can help you see the big picture. They aren't written in stone and are meant to be updated on a regular basis.

If you are just starting your real estate company, a simple business plan can be sufficient for the time being. If you have already established your business, writing a business plan can help further your goals and keep you on track.

If you need to acquire financing for your real estate investment company, most lenders require a solid business plan. With the current credit crisis, obtaining business loans is not nearly as easy as it used to be.

Banks need to know they are lending funds to business owners who possess the knowledge and experience to achieve success. A business plan can make or break real estate financing deals, so take time to prepare a professional plan complete with pie charts, graphs and financial forecasts.

Developing a successful real estate investment business requires time, money, and sufficient training. We invite you to read through our real estate business articles. You will discover the various types of investment opportunities such as foreclosure homes, bank owned properties, and probate real estate.

You'll learn about real estate investing forums, real estate clubs, financing options and developing investment strategies. New articles are added frequently, so bookmark this page and come back often!