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Wholesaling Realestate to Real Estate Investors

Wholesaling is a type of real estate transaction that involves flipping houses for profit. However, this is not the same as traditional house flipping strategies where investors use their own money to renovate the house. Instead, investors act as a real estate matchmaker by connecting motivated sellers with cash-ready buyers.

There are several benefits to wholesaling real estate. One of the primary benefits wholesaling offers is little or no money is required to get started. Anyone aged 18 and older can participate in wholesale real estate deals. However, wholesaling does require basic real estate knowledge and the assemblance of a network of buyers, sellers and advisors.

There is an abundance of real estate wholesaling information available online. One trusted source for locating a wide variety of real estate information is In addition to free articles and e-courses, REIClub offers an extensive wholesaling for quick cash seminar hosted by real estate expert, Steve Cook.

Getting started in wholesaling requires the development of a real estate marking campaign. Investors typically begin by placing "We Buy Houses" signs throughout a neighborhood or through advertisements placed in newspapers or local real estate publications.

The goal of the marketing campaign is to locate sellers who need to quickly sell their property. There are a number of reasons why sellers are motivated to sell. Perhaps the primary reason for obtaining a quick sale is due to foreclosure. Many Borrowers need to sell their property in order to avoid losing their home to the bank.

People who have been transferred by their employer generally need to sell their house quickly. Very few people are in a position to afford two mortgage payments and most are willing to cut their losses when possible.

By embarking on a "We Buy Houses" campaign, you will be able to obtain a list of potential wholesale properties. The goal is to locate distressed properties which can be purchased significantly below market value and quickly resold.

The next step of wholesaling for quick cash involves organizing a list of potential buyers. These can be real estate investors, professional rehabbers, realtors, and people interested in purchasing fixer-upper homes.

Experts suggest contacting potential buyers and asking what types of real estate they are interested in buying. Find out as many details as possible including square footage, lot sizes, locations of interest, and how much they are willing to spend.

By seeking out realestate properties that match what your buyers are looking for, you can engage in multiple real estate deals on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for wholesalers to earn $10,000 or more on one real estate deal.

Wholesaling is relatively risk-free as long as you take time to become educated about the process. We encourage you to learn more about this exciting real estate opportunity in our comprehensive wholesaling real estate article library.

If you have property you would like to sale, contact Simon Volkov to determine what options are available. Simon specializes in distressed properties including foreclosures and short sales and provides solutions to homeowners who need to liquidate their assets in a timely fashion.