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Whitney Real Estate

Whitney Real Estate is the brainchild of Russ Whitney; an average American who created his fortune through real estate investing. Today, Whitney teaches people from all walks of life his wealth building techniques through seminars and home study courses.

Whitney Real Estate offers free real estate training seminars around the globe, as well as advanced trainings in select U.S. locations. Advanced training topics include: buying wholesale, foreclosure homes, lease options, distressed properties, discount notes and mortgages, commercial real estate, land investment and more.

Real estate investors can locate a wealth of information directly from Whitney Real Estate website. Packed with real estate and wealth building articles, financial calculators, letters and forms, Whitney Real Estate provides visitors with an abundance of advice and beneficial tools.

Also available at the Whitney Real Estate website is an interactive community forum. Open to anyone, forum members can discuss strategies, network with buyers, sellers and investors, post investment opportunities and real estate deals, and keep abreast of market trends.

Russ Whitney contributes his success to the development of a millionaire mindset. Similar to John Burley's teachings, Russ Whitney explains the importance of thinking like rich people in his book, "The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset: Mastering the Mental Skills to Build Your Fortune in Real Estate".

Whitney Real Estate is a division of Whitney Information Network. Their tagline is "Empowering People to Financial Independence". Empowerment is a philosophy I strongly believe in. Millions of people are needlessly struggling in today's economy. They do not realize there are opportunities everywhere. Educating yourself about investing in real estate can empower you to break free of the financial handcuffs.

Take time to visit Whitney Real Estate and review the information presented there. If you have the opportunity to attend a free real estate seminar, by all means attend the event. Browse dozens of real estate and wealth building articles in the "Student Tools" section. Invest in Russ Whitney books or at the very least, check them out at the library.

You can never learn too much about real estate investing. The possibilities for financial freedom truly are endless. Before you leave, please take time to view our real estate article library. We frequently add new articles, so be certain to bookmark and stop by often.