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We Buy Ugly Houses

We buy ugly houses is a home buying franchise based in Dallas, Texas. With more than 200 offices nationwide, this savvy real estate investment company is one of the most popular house buying organizations in the U.S.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the "We Buy Ugly Houses" billboards. These bright yellow beacons send a message of hope to homeowners who need to sell their house fast. The founders of this unique home buying service focus on purchasing distressed properties in dire need of repairs

Operating under the name, HomeVestors of America, franchise owners buy houses well under market value. They make necessary repairs and renovations, than place the home back on the market. Their service allows homeowners to escape the embarrassing and unpleasant experience of foreclosure and lessen credit damage.

At Simon Volkov, we specialize in buying both pretty and ugly houses. There are several services who offer assistance to people who own cheap houses, but few resources are available for people who own houses in perfect condition. I am proud to say, I am one of the resources.

People need to sell their house fast for all kinds of reasons. Foreclosure and bankruptcy are two of the most common. However, I have homeowners contact me all the time who need to eliminate the financial burden of their second home or rental property. Others need to sell their home due to job relocation, divorce or death of a spouse.

Many people are requesting short sale approval from their lender in an effort to stop foreclosure. Short sales allow the borrower to sell their home for less than they owe on the note. Not all lenders participate in short sales. Those that do require substantial documentation showing proof the borrower is financially incapable of paying the loan in full.

Over the years I have become recognized as a short sale specialist. I work with realtors, buyers and investors throughout southern California. If you have obtained short sale approval and need to locate a buyer, take a moment to contact me via the form located at the top of this page.

If you need to sell your house fast, submit property information via the "we buy houses" form. As a private investor I buy houses throughout Orange County, California. I don't care if they are pretty, ugly or pretty-ugly. If it's a smart investment, I'm interested!

Another area I specialize in is probate real estate. Probate personal representatives oftentimes need to sell probate assets to pay outstanding debts. Estate administrators typically turn to probate liquidators to sell real estate, businesses, automobiles and valuable items.

If you are overseeing an estate and need to sell probate assets, feel free to contact me. I buy full and partial estates and can help you obtain fair value for estate holdings.