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Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money falls under the classification of "unclaimed property" and is covered by unclaimed property laws. These laws are in place to ensure dormant assets are returned to their rightful owner. Dormant assets include unclaimed money in the form of cash held in bank accounts, stocks and bonds, uncashed payroll or government checks, valuables stored in safe deposit boxes and money owed to beneficiaries through life insurance policies.

Most states publish unclaimed money through various government websites. Typically, these include Department of Revenue, State Controller, State Treasurer or Department of Commerce. The most convenient way to locate unclaimed money websites for each of the 50 states is through .

Managed by NAUPA, National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, provides links to each individual state's unclaimed money resource. From there, individuals type in their name or the name of a long-lost relative to see if the state is holding unclaimed funds. If the person's name appears and a valid claim exists, the recipient fills out a form to provide proof they are entitled to the unclaimed funds.

If you've ever had an FHA-insured mortgage through HUD (Housing and Urban Development), you might be due a refund. Conduct a quick search at HUD’s unclaimed money web page and see if you're entitled to a check.

While there are dozens of websites offering to locate unclaimed money on your behalf, these organizations charge a fee. In many instances there is no need to pay money to search for unclaimed money owed to you. However, enrolling in an unclaimed money program might yield better results and save you some time.

There is no central database to locate the billions of dollars in unclaimed money across the United States. Unclaimed money comes in many forms and from many sources. In some cases, states hold onto unclaimed money and property for years. There is a possibility the state is holding assets belonging to your great grandfather or second cousin.

If you feel unclaimed money is out there waiting for you to claim it, start by conducting research through If you don't obtain results, consider paying a professional organization specializing in hard-to-find unclaimed money. is a reasonably priced unclaimed money program which can help you located money, property and other assets. Insert your name in the box below and begin your search for unclaimed money.