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Trump University is the perfect start for the beginner real estate investor. It is expensive for the coaching and mentoring programs.

Trump University offers a wealth of tools and online home study courses for individuals interested in real estate, investing, entrepreneurship and management. Founded by Donald Trump in 2005, Trump University's curriculum is unique in that it is based on "learning by doing." Faculty members consist of world-class executives, entrepreneurs and professors who possess decades of real world experience.

At Trump University, anyone can learn how to become a successful real estate investor. In addition to home study classes, Trump U offers live seminars, real estate coaching and field mentorship. It's important to note Trump University classes are intended for continuing education purposes and do not earn college credits.

Trump University courses range in price from $145 to $995. Live events start at $995 and are offered in select venues. Travel expenses and meals could easily double the cost of attending Trump University workshops.

There is no doubt you can learn a great deal from "The Donald" and his team. Anyone who is serious about real estate investing should always continue their education to stay ahead of competition. There is serious money to be made in real estate investing and Donald Trump is the master of the game. If you can afford to learn from the best, Trump University can teach you how to expand your real estate investment portfolio.

Even if you can't afford Trump University classes you can still benefit from valuable knowledge. offers free insider reports on real estate investing, buying a business, financial investments and wealth building strategies.

In addition to the bounty of investment tools you can receive at Trump University, Simon Volkov offers a variety of investing and real estate articles. Learn the difference between short sales, home foreclosure and real estate owned (REO) properties. Understand the intricacies of writing the perfect short sale hardship letter. Discover ways to avoid probate and stop foreclosure. is packed with helpful articles for people who need solutions and investors seeking great investment opportunities. You don't need to spend a fortune to learn real estate investing techniques. There are many self-made real estate moguls who arrived at their destination by taking time to become educated about their trade.

Real estate investing can be a rewarding and profitable experience. Take time to understand the process, absorb as much knowledge as possible and apply what you learn. Even in today's unstable market there are plenty of opportunities for those who take time to seek them out