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September 13, 2010

How Does a Short Sale Work

How does a short sale work is one of the most common questions people ask. As more people face foreclosure, the need for short selling has increased. This strategy allows mortgagors the option to sell their home for less than owed on their home loan. However, short selling can lead to additional financial problems if not properly orchestrated.

In order to understand how does a short sale work, borrowers should contact their bank's loss mitigation department. Each banks' short sale policies can differ, but all require bank approval before listing the property for sale at a discounted rate

Real Estate Investing article on "How Does a Short Sale Work "

March 19, 2010

Loan Modification Hardship Letter

A loan modification hardship letter is an integral part of working with mortgage lenders to permanently alter terms of a home mortgage loan. Borrowers struggling to make their monthly payment must work with their bank's loss mitigation department to determine if they qualify. Once application approval is obtained, borrowers are required to submit financial records along with a letter of hardship.

It is important to take time writing the loan modification hardship letter. Although lenders base their decision on borrowers' ability to pay future mortgage payments, a well-crafted hardship letter can go a long way in achieving a successful outcome.

Real Estate Investing article on "Loan Modification Hardship Letter"

July 30, 2009

What is a Short Sale

Many homeowners are asking "what is a short sale?" Rumors are flying around the Internet suggesting everyone who is struggling to make ends meet can sell their home for less than they owe and walk away from their property. While there is a portion of truth to this, borrowers must meet certain criteria before being allowed to short sell their home.

Today, I would like to provide an overview of what is a short sale to clear up any confusion you may have. 'Short sale' is a real estate industry term used when a lender accepts a discounted payoff on a mortgage loan. Short sales offer homeowner's who have defaulted on their mortgage an opportunity to sell the home for a lesser amount than is owed and avoid foreclosure.

Real Estate Investing article on "What is a Short Sale"

July 06, 2009

Short Sales Homes

'Short sales homes' has become the buzzword of the day within the real estate arena. Word has gotten out that borrowers who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments can sell their house for less than they owe and walk away scott-free. Sounds great, but it's not 100-percent true.

Short sales homes are sold for less than borrowers owe on their mortgage note. But, the process is no walk in the park. Most banks want evidence there is a buyer in place before they will even discuss the option of short selling property. It is not easy to locate a realtor willing to tackle a short sale.

Real Estate Investing article on "Short Sales Homes"

June 21, 2009

Mortgage Short Sale

A mortgage short sale is one option available to homeowners facing foreclosure or unable to continue making their mortgage payments. With the current economic turmoil, millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Many must choose between paying their mortgage and putting food on the table. Once they become delinquent on their mortgage note it can be next to impossible to get back on track.

The first step to obtaining a mortgage short sale is to contact your lender. Short sales are usually handled through the bank's loss mitigation department. A loss mitigator will be assigned to handle your case and will work with you throughout the process.

Real Estate Investing article on "Mortgage Short Sale"

June 05, 2009

Short Sale Real Estate Investor

Short sale real estate is property that has been sold for a lesser amount than the balance due on a mortgage note. This type of real estate transaction occurs when a homeowner is no longer able to fulfill their mortgage obligation and defaults on their loan. In order to stop foreclosure, the lender can elect to allow the homeowner to sell the home for less than is owed on the loan.

Typically, lenders only engage in short sale real estate when the current market value is less than the loan on the property. Short sales are only available to homeowners who have no equity in their home and owe more than the property is worth.

Real Estate Investing article on "Short Sale Real Estate Investor"

April 02, 2009

Sell House Fast

Today's real estate motto is "sell house fast". Problem is there are a bounty of houses on the market and only a handful of qualified buyers. There is no question the real estate market is in one of the worst slumps in recorded history. Foreclosure filings are occurring at record speed. Experts predict nearly 4 million Americans will file for bankruptcy protection this year. Nearly half of those filings will be an attempt to save homes from foreclosure.

Type in 'sell my house fast ' at any search engine and you'll discover thousands of websites offering house selling advice. The problem is a large percentage of these websites are operated by internet marketing entrepreneurs with no training in real estate

Real Estate Investing article on "Sell House Fast"

March 25, 2009

Foreclosure Homes

Foreclosure homes are houses which borrowers still owe money on but can no longer afford to maintain their payments. Once borrowers become 31 days delinquent on their mortgage note lenders can initiate pre-foreclosure and force the borrower out of their home. Although the process takes several months to complete, foreclosure is a stressful event that will darken your credit history for up to a decade.

Once banks take possession of foreclosure homes they attempt to sell them through foreclosure auctions. More often than not, foreclosed homes require repairs and renovations. It is not uncommon for previous homeowners to trash the place when they are evicted.

Real Estate Investing article on "Foreclosure Homes"

May 17, 2008

Foreclosure Hardship Letter

The foreclosure hardship letter is an important part of any loan modification or short sale package. These types of financial arrangements are available to individuals facing foreclosure. Loan modifications are used when homeowners want to save their home from foreclosure and have the financial means to get back on track with delinquent payments. Short sales are used when the homeowner does not have the ability to become current on payments. When lenders accept short sale offers they allow homeowners to sell their home for less than the amount owed on the mortgage note.

For most people, the foreclosure hardship letter is the most difficult thing to write. Unless you are a professional writer, it is challenging to sit down and express the circumstances that have caused you to fall behind on your mortgage payments. Keep in mind the hardship letter will be read by a Loss Mitigator who works for the lending institution. Loss mitigators read several hardship letters every day, so you will want to keep it short and to the point.

Real Estate Investing article on "Foreclosure Hardship Letter"

May 11, 2008

Short Sale Approval

Short sale approval can be a long and complicated process. In essence, when lenders engage in this type of real estate transaction they agree to accept less than is owed on the mortgage note. There are many steps involved, along with a trail of paperwork.

In order to obtain short sale approval, you will be required to contact your lender's Loss Mitigation Department. Typically, a Loss Mitigator is assigned to your account and will review your situation to determine if you are eligible for a short sale.

Real Estate Investing article on "Short Sale Approval "