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March 05, 2009

Buy My Home

"Man wears 'buy my home' sandwich board in desperate attempt to sell his house." This headline caught my eye as I skimmed through a local paper. The story went on to explain how the homeowner had been trying to sell his house to stop foreclosure. He claimed the sandwich board seemed to work for people trying to find work, so he thought he would try it as a last ditch effort to save his home and credit.

Perhaps there will be a new market for "buy my home" sandwich boards. That wouldn't be a bad thing considering how many people are losing their jobs. But, do homeowners really have to engage in this type of drastic advertising? The answer is no!

Real Estate Investing article on "Buy My Home"

February 27, 2009

I Buy Houses

As a private investor I buy houses on a regular basis. On average, I view around 100 houses per month. Every day, I hear incredible stories of the life struggles people are facing. Many of the homeowners are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. Others are going through a divorce or have recently lost their spouse due to illness or accident. Some need to sell their house because they have lost their job.

When I entered the "I buy houses" arena, my primary goal was to make money. I didn't realize that buying houses would ultimately offer distressed homeowners the opportunity to make a fresh start. While making money is fun, helping people out of bad situations is even better!

Real Estate Investing article on "I Buy Houses"

February 25, 2009

Buying Houses

Not so long ago people were buying houses at neck-breaking speed. Today, few people qualify for a mortgage loan. There is no doubt the housing market is in a serious slump. Lenders are carrying billions of dollars worth of non-performing loans and bank owned properties. Many homeowners are in serious financial distress; unable to make their house payments and waiting for impending foreclosure.

When I began buying houses, my primary goal was to locate distressed properties below market value. I engaged in house flipping and purchased rental properties. It was rewarding and profitable.

Real Estate Investing article on "Buying Houses"