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November 24, 2010

Real Estate Investing Strategies

Before implementing real estate investing strategies, investors should have a solid plan in place. Doing so can help investors determine which types of properties are best suited for their investing style and the goals they want to achieve.

Planning the types of real estate investing strategies requires research and networking with investors who have achieved success. One place to locate other investors is through real estate clubs or online networking groups. Networking with others can save hours of time and lessen the potential of gathering information from those more interested in selling their investing secrets instead of helping others succeed.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Investing Strategies "

February 19, 2010

Probate Properties

Probate properties refer to real estate owned by a person who is deceased. Probate refers to the legal process used to verify property ownership and determine rightful heirs. If probate real estate is bequeathed through the decedent's last will, real estate transfer documents must be filed through the court. If no Will exists, the court must adhere to probate laws to determine who is entitled to inherit the property.

Probate properties can be held in probate for several months. All expenses associated with the property must be paid by the estate until probate settles. Costs might include mortgage payments, property taxes, homeowners insurance, homeowner association dues, and maintenance expenses such as lawn care or repairs.

Real Estate Investing article on "Probate Properties "

May 26, 2009

Real Esates

'Real esates' is a common misspelling for 'real estate'. Both spellings refer to real property or raw land used for housing, commercial buildings, farming or ranching. In reality, Earth is one gigantic ball of real estate opportunities!

Today, people are leery of investing in real esates. It's no wonder. With housing prices dropping at unprecedented rates, sellers are reluctant to sell their properties because most of them would take a financial loss.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Esates"

May 22, 2009

One Rate Real Estate

One rate real estate is an excellent option for individuals who desire a fixed rate of return on investments. The process is relatively simple; however it is imperative to work with a reputable real estate investor who possesses a solid track record in flipping houses.

There are four steps to one rate real estate investing. The first step involves locating a private investor. This can be accomplished by asking friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers for a referral or by conducting research via the Internet.

Real Estate Investing article on "One Rate Real Estate"

April 26, 2009

Inheritance Cash Advances

Inheritance cash advances aren't loans. There are no monthly payments to pay back. Inheritance cash advances don't have to be repaid by heirs at all. The estate repays the lender once it has been probated.

Inheritance cash advances supply money to beneficiaries of estates immediately. When a loved one dies, their estate goes into probate unless the decedent created an irrevocable living trust. The probate courts ensure the validity of the Last Will and Testament of the deceased, but the courts main purpose is to ensure creditors are paid before heirs.

Real Estate Investing article on "Inheritance Cash Advances"

April 12, 2009

Real Estate Investment

Wondering which real estate investment is best for you? If so, you're not alone. Although the market is undergoing massive transition, there are still numerous opportunities to profit in this field.

One of the best places to obtain real estate investment information is through the Internet. However, caution should be used because real estate is a hot topic and many unqualified people are jumping on the bandwagon. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Investment"

September 19, 2008

Probate Executor

A probate executor is also referred to as the estate administrator or estate executor. Probate executors are responsible for settling the estate of a person who has died. If the decedent executed a Last Will and Testament, the probate executor is required to adhere to the declarations outlined in the document. If the decedent dies intestate (without a Will), the probate executor must adhere to policies of the probate court.

The probate executor has multiple duties including handling the decedent's financial affairs and distributing their assets to heirs. If the decedent's estate is small (valued under $25,000) and does not involve real estate or financial holdings, the executor might be able to administer the estate without the assistance of a probate attorney

Real Estate Investing article on "Probate Executor "

September 08, 2008

Probate Real Estate Investing

Probate real estate investing involves buying property from estates held in probate. When someone dies, all of their worldly belongings are transferred to probate. An estate executor oversees the decedent's estate until all financial transactions are completed. In some cases, probate can take several years to settle; leaving beneficiaries with a heavy financial burden.

Probate real estate investing requires a visit to the local courthouse and a bit of detective work. Investors can locate potential real estate deals by searching probate records and reading the decedent's Last Will and Testament. Wills are a matter of public record and can be viewed by anyone who is interested. The exception to this rule is when a Revocable Living Trust is executed.

Real Estate Investing article on "Probate Real Estate Investing "

August 19, 2008

Real Estate Investing Secrets

Real estate investing secrets are a dime a dozen these days. Anyone with half a brain can slap up a website, sell real estate investing products and claim they are a real estate investment guru. In today's desperate real estate market, many unscrupulous people don't blink an eye when it comes to ripping off innocent victims.

In my opinion, the most important real estate investing secret is to obtain information from trusted sources. Just because someone ranks high in the search engines doesn't necessarily mean they are qualified to teach real estate investing techniques. Trusted real estate sources include professionals such as Bruce Norris,, Trump University, and

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Investing Secrets"