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February 05, 2010

Probate Loan

A probate loan is not actually a loan. Instead, it is a cash advance provided to estate beneficiaries entitled to property held in the probate court system. Obtaining inheritance loans involves following certain protocol, submitting legal documents, and assigning inheritance rights to the funding source.

Probate loan providers assume substantial risk when accepting inheritance property as collateral for cash advances. Inheritance loans are repaid by the estate. It is not uncommon for estate administrators to sell probated assets to pay outstanding debts. Some estate planning experts claim less than 20-percent of heirs receive inheritance property held in probate.

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May 30, 2009

Probate Courts

Probate courts were established over 200 years ago to handle legal matters governed by equity law. The primary difference between equity law and civil matters is that equity cases involve entering decrees which direct someone to act or refrain from acting.

Probate courts focus on life matters that do not involve monetary awards. The most common cases heard in probate courtrooms include inheritance, estates, trusts, guardianship and conservatorships. Probate laws vary by state, city and county. Most cases require the assistance of a probate attorney.

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May 18, 2009

California Probate Attorney

A California probate attorney is generally required to handle estates of residents who have died. Probate is the legal process used to establish a value of the decedent's estate. It is also used to validate the decedent's Will or appoint an estate administrator if the decedent died intestate (without a Will).

Individuals can hire a California probate attorney to help establish estate planning or to assist them in settling an estate entered into probate. Many people procrastinate about estate planning; particularly when they are young and in good health. However, this is a huge mistake that could cause their family tremendous hardship.

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March 21, 2009

Probate Personal Representative

A probate personal representative is responsible for overseeing administration of an estate held in probate. When a person dies everything they own is transferred to probate and held until the estate is closed. During probate the personal representative must obtain property appraisals, pay outstanding debts and distribute assets to designated beneficiaries.

The position of probate personal representative requires good money management skills and the ability to mediate with family should disputes arise. Individuals appointed to this position must be at least 18 years of age and never convicted of felony offenses.

Real Estate Investing article on "Probate Personal Representative"