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December 28, 2009

Probate Proceeding

Probate proceeding refers to the process used to settle estates of people who have died. Probate is required within all 50 states and governed by the Uniform Probate Code. Each state handles probate differently and many have significantly altered UPC regulations. Estate administrators typically require services of an attorney or estate planner to assist with settling probated estates.

Probate proceeding letters testamentary are provided to the estate executor giving evidence they have authority to manage the estate. Some states engage in court supervised probate and require executors to obtain approval for all aspects of estate management. Other states engage in court confirmation and grant unsupervised authority; allowing the estate executor to manage the estate without making multiple court appearances.

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October 04, 2009

Probate Litigation

Probate litigation refers to obtaining legal assistance to resolve conflict surrounding inheritance assets. Heirs or beneficiaries must retain the services of a probate attorney in order to contest the decedent's last will. Probate litigation is oftentimes required when decedents die intestate (without a Will).

Probate litigation can prolong the probate process for months or years. I know a woman whose stepfather passed away without executing a Will. Although single at the time of his death, four of his six ex-wives came forward to lay claim to his estate.

Real Estate Investing article on "Probate Litigation"