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February 08, 2009

Probate Cash

Probate cash refers to money obtained from a funding source using probate assets as collateral. Probate assets include financial and real estate holdings left to beneficiaries through a Last Will and Testament. In order to obtain cash in exchange for probate inheritance, a series of events must occur.

Probate cash is available through either inheritance cash funding companies or private investors, such as Simon Volkov. These entities or individuals are referred to as the Funding Source. When a funding source provides probate cash, they assume a considerable amount of risk.

Real Estate Investing article on "Probate Cash"

April 01, 2008

"Real Estate Investing" Is House Flipping the Way to Get Started?

Real estate investing is certainly not new, but today's real estate market is considerably different than it was just a decade ago. Although the real estate market is currently cool, investing has never been hotter.

Every day, people flock by the dozens to real estate investing seminars in hopes of achieving their financial dreams. They know there is money to be made in realestate and are willing to plunk down a few thousand bucks to obtain the knowledge.

Real Estate Investing article on ""Real Estate Investing" Is House Flipping the Way to Get Started?"