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May 08, 2009

Contract for Deed

Contract for deed is a real estate technique used when sellers finance all or part of the mortgage loan. The seller executes a contract which details the terms of the sale. Both the seller and buyer must sign the contract and have it notarized in order for it to be legally binding. The seller retains the property deed until contract terms are fulfilled.

The most common uses of contract for deed include lease-to-own, land contracts, and seller carry back mortgages. While contract for deed has been used for decades, this type of financing has become quite popular in recent months.

Real Estate Investing article on "Contract for Deed"

September 23, 2007

Real Estate Notes and Land Contracts

Real estate notes and land contracts are legal documents created when one individual sells real estate or land to another individual. Also referred to as "real estate receivables," these notes are used to secure real estate transactions; particularly when the seller provides private financing.

When real estate notes and land contracts are privately financed by the property owner, it is referred to as seller carry back financing. In this type of financial arrangement, the property owner acts as the lending institution. Some sellers carry back only a portion of the loan, while others agree to finance the entire amount.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Notes and Land Contracts"