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August 30, 2011


Have you ever inherited anything from a deceased relative? If so, you know it's a bittersweet experience. Inheritance gifts hold many sentiments. They can alter your life if consisting of large sums of money or valuable property such as real estate or jewels.

Inherited gifts can be a blessing or a curse. As a probate liquidator, I've watched many families engage in inheritance wars over a deceased relative's belongings. I've also seen the disappointment on people's faces when they discover everything their relative owned has to be sold to pay off outstanding debts or past due taxes.

Real Estate Investing article on "Inherited"

August 09, 2011

Writing a Will

If you're thinking about writing a Will you're making a smart decision. A lot of people put off this task until it's too late and end up making their family deal with a lot of bureaucratic red tape. It takes very little time to put affairs in order and is worth every minute knowing loved ones will know exactly what to do.

There are many ways to go about writing a Will. If you don't own much valuable property a do it yourself Will kit might be all you need. If you own real estate or titled property, you'll want to setup beneficiaries so property can be easily transferred upon death.

Real Estate Investing article on "Writing a Will "

June 22, 2011

Family Disputes over Property

When family disputes over property arise it's smart to attempt resolution as quickly as possible. Irreparable damage and division within the family can occur if disagreements escalate. If necessary, call in a professional mediator, religious clergy, or lawyer to defuse the situation and begin negotiation.

Unfortunately, family disputes over property are common occurrence. The most prevalent source of disagreements stem from divorce and inheritance gifts bequeathed from deceased relatives. Death and divorce are highly charged emotional events that can cause people to behave out of character.

Real Estate Investing article on "Family Disputes over Property "

June 04, 2011

Family Disputes over Property

Family disputes over property often arise during the probate process. While most of us would like to believe our loved ones will be accepting of directives provided in our last will and testament, there are times when fights break out when heirs feel slighted or have been disinherited from the Will.

As a probate liquidator, I've witnessed more family disputes over property than I care to admit. When people are grieving they experience a wide range of emotions. If a relative bequeathed real estate to a sibling rival or donated large sums of money to a charity, it can be sufficient fuel for heirs to contest the Will.

Real Estate Investing article on "Family Disputes over Property "