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January 29, 2010

Good Investment Company

Locating a good investment company is one of the biggest challenges for many new investors. There is an abundance of investment firms and investment products. Many offer online services including educational tools, instant messaging chat sessions, and the option to buy or sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, etc.

The Internet makes locating a good investment company easier. Investors can browse through each investment company's product line, access educational resources, and use interactive guides to determine which investment products will yield the results to achieve desired investing goals.

Real Estate Investing article on "Good Investment Company"

December 08, 2009

Mortgage Notes

Mortgage notes are used to record the terms of a bank note issued to purchase real estate. These legal contracts document the amount of funds borrowed, interest rate, property location, and contact information for parties responsible for repaying the loan.

Mortgage notes can be sold to cash flow notes buyers or private real estate investors. Many reasons exist for selling real estate notes. The most common include obtaining a lump sum of cash to finance college tuition, pay off credit cards, medical expenses or unsecured debts.

Real Estate Investing article on "Mortgage Notes"

November 27, 2009

Purchase Structured Settlements

In order to purchase structured settlements in the U.S., investors and annuity brokers are required to adhere to state and federal regulations. Structured settlements are established to provide long-term income to individuals who have been injured due to the neglect of another. Injury settlements are often arranged for victims of automobile accidents, medical malpractice or workman's compensation injuries.

Approximately 75-percent of U.S. states prohibit the purchase of structured settlements. States allowing the sale of annuity payments require Annuitants to obtain court authorization. Since annuities are primarily used to provide funds for ongoing healthcare expenses or replace income lost for injuries resulting in disability, courts are reluctant to allow Annuitants to sell forthcoming payments.

Real Estate Investing article on "Purchase Structured Settlements"

September 05, 2007

Business Notes can be Sold for Hard Cash.

Business notes are legally binding financial agreements used between two or more parties to document the sale of a business. There is no real estate involved in these types of transactions; therefore, the actual business and business assets are used as collateral to secure the loan.

Business notes are created when a business owner provides financing to the buyer. Owner financing is particularly helpful for small business owners because it is oftentimes difficult to obtain a small business loan from conventional lending institutions.

Real Estate Investing article on "Business Notes can be Sold for Hard Cash."

August 31, 2007

"Types of Cash Flow Notes"

Cash flow notes are legally binding contracts between two or more parties which document a promise to pay. Although there are more than 60 types of cash flow notes, some of the more common types include mortgage, inheritance, structured settlements, business, and lottery winnings.

Real estate notes and land contracts are cash flow notes are secured by real property, such as a building or house. When real property is used for collateral, a mortgage or trust deed is added to the note which states the property will be used for payment if the borrower defaults on the loan. Various types of real property can be used to secure cash flow notes. In addition to buildings and homes, other types of property include mobile homes, automobiles, boats, and even airplanes.

Real Estate Investing article on ""Types of Cash Flow Notes""