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June 09, 2009

California Real Estate Investing

California real estate investing used to be reserved for the rich and famous. Today, the Golden State investing game has become a level playing field. From newbie investors to seasoned professionals, California offers real estate deals for everyone.

California real estate investing could very well become the next gold rush. With thousands of foreclosure homes on the market, housing prices have dropped as much as 30-percent in some areas.

Real Estate Investing article on "California Real Estate Investing"

April 20, 2009

California Investment

The California investment market has taken one of the hardest hits in real estate. RealtyTrac, an industry leader in the real estate market, states 1 in 165 California homeowners are in the process of foreclosure. This equates to around 100,000 foreclosed properties available for purchase in the Golden State.

Today, there are multiple California investment opportunities. One of the most profitable is in the field of real estate. However, if you plan to buy or sell investment properties it is imperative to become familiar with California real estate laws.

Real Estate Investing article on "California Investment"