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September 20, 2010

Real Estate Investing in California Probate

Real estate investing in California probate properties can be a profitable niche for those who take time to learn how the practice works. Probate real estate refers to property owned by a decedent whose estate is suspended in probate court. Probate is required to settle estate matters and distribute inheritance property.

Although a profitable venture, real estate investing in California probate requires more time than buying other types of investment properties. Investors should have a good understanding of how the probate process works and how to submit offers on probated realty.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Investing in California Probate "

April 27, 2008

California Probate Realestate

California probate realestate is one of the biggest untapped real estate markets in the United States. Oftentimes probate houses can be purchased for pennies on the dollar because Estate Executors don't have the time or money to deal with them.

Estate Executors of California probate realestate frequently sell the property for less than it is worth. This is particularly true if the estate executor resides out of town or in another state. Selling the probate real estate can save them a tremendous amount of money in travel expenses, legal fees and other costs associated with settling the decedent's estate.

Real Estate Investing article on "California Probate Realestate"