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August 14, 2009

Bank Owned

Bank owned refers to real estate that has been repossessed by the bank because the borrower was unable to maintain their mortgage payments. Bank owned real estate is oftentimes referred to as real estate owned or REO properties.

Bank owned real estate is foreclosure property which did not sell at auction. Once property has been foreclosed it is first place for sale through public auction. If no acceptable bids are placed, the property is returned to the bank. At this point, it becomes the mortgage lender's responsibility to maintain the property until sold.

Real Estate Investing article on "Bank Owned"

April 06, 2009

Real Estate Training

Many types of real estate training courses exist to help individuals buy, sell or invest in real estate. Whether it's buying or selling residential homes, commercial properties or raw land, nearly anyone can learn how to profit in the world of real estate.

Real estate training can be conducted in a classroom, college campus or the privacy of your own home. Much depends on the level of education you desire and the type of real estate you plan to buy or sell.

Real Estate Investing article on "Real Estate Training"

June 05, 2008

Bank Owned

Bank owned real estate is property the bank owns due to the foreclosure process. After an unsuccessful foreclosure auction, the property reverts back to the bank. Real Estate Owned or REO is another name used for bank owned properties.

Bank owned properties are not always the bargain people expect. Real estate that has been foreclosed upon oftentimes has more money due on the mortgage note than the value of the home. However, there are benefits to purchasing bank owned real estate.

Real Estate Investing article on "Bank Owned"