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September 20, 2011

Asset Management

Asset management is essential for business owners and real estate investors. This system is used to maintain record of owned assets and is necessary for tax reporting, obtaining financing, and deciding when to buy and sell properties.

Investors utilize asset management software to determine return on investment for multiple properties. Reports provide cash flow forecasting, performance analysis, and benchmarking, along with monitoring risks and exposures for each property held.

Real estate investing is filled with potential landmines; especially in today's market. Investors need to take advantage of every tool available to help them assess risks and maintain positive cash flow with investment properties.

Real Estate Investing article on "Asset Management "

July 14, 2011

Asset Management

Asset management refers to the implementation of a system to track results of financial investments, real property, and equipment. The scope of required duties can be wide ranging and often requires the skills of an asset manager

The classification of asset management changes dependent on the types of assets involved. For example, overseeing financial investments is typically classified as wealth management, while managing government assets would be classified as city or state financial management.

Real Estate Investing article on "Asset Management "