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June 28, 2010

AZ Refi

AZ refi can be a good option for real estate investors and individuals with property located in Arizona. Many property owners are electing to refinance mortgages before interest rates rise. Others enter into cash-out refinancing to obtain funds for home improvements or to pay off outstanding debts. Arizona property owners the opportunity to reduce monthly installments by reducing the rate of interest and extending terms of the note. However, borrowers must be aware of the costs involved with refinancing mortgages. The average cost ranges between $2500 and $6500, but could be more when mortgages contain a prepayment clause.

Real Estate Investing article on "AZ Refi"

June 13, 2010

AZ Refi

AZ refi refers to mortgage refinancing in the state of Arizona. Many residents are entering into mortgage refinance in order to reduce interest and monthly loan installments. This is particularly true for real estate investors holding rental properties.

AZ refi allows investors to extend the terms of their note and reduce loan payments. Arizona has been hit hard by foreclosure and many previous homeowners are seeking rental properties. In order to compete in a declining market, investors find they must reduce rental rates to attract tenants. Investors turn to mortgage refinance to prevent negative cash flow.

Real Estate Investing article on "AZ Refi"