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Seller Carry Back Mortgages Provides Financing to Buyer who may not qualify from Banks or other Lending Institutions. Mortgage Note Investors Carry Back Mortgages to Private Investors.

Seller carry back mortgage is the term used to describe a real estate transaction where a property seller provides financing to a buyer. Many property owners are willing to carry-back the mortgage note in order to facilitate the sale. In fact, carry back real estate mortgages are quickly becoming a trend in the cash flow industry.

Typically, seller carry back mortgages offer both a safe and solid return on investment. Many Baby Boomers are jumping on the carry-back bandwagon to expand their retirement portfolios. This relatively risk-free investment can provide a steady cash flow for many years to come.

Carry back notes offer a higher interest rate than most investments. If structured properly, carry back mortgages create a win-win situation where both parties equally benefit. Typically, a buyer will pay the seller a 10 percent down payment. The seller will then carry the mortgage note for the remaining 90 percent plus interest. Oftentimes, the seller will charge interest rates lower than banks or other lending institutions. In turn, this provides the buyer with an affordable monthly payment.

Additionally, carry-back mortgages provide a steady stream of income to the seller. If the buyer defaults on the note, the seller can foreclose on the property and sell it through an auction or to another buyer. While a buyer who defaults on a mortgage can be an inconvenience, the seller's risk is minimal compared to other investment opportunities.

As it is with life, situations arise that call for fast cash. Perhaps you have mounting medical expenses or need to send your twins to college. Selling your real estate note to a professional note buyer such as Simon Volkov can provide you with a lump sum cash payment and free you from the restrictions of structured payments.

If you are considering selling your carry back mortgage note but are confused about your options or how the process works, we would like to talk with you. It's easy to turn your seller carry back mortgage into cash. The process usually takes about three weeks to complete. At Simon Volkov, our professionally trained staff will work with you to design a financial package that suits your needs.

There is no obligation to speak with one of our consultants. To begin, provide a few details about your real estate note by filling out the Seller Carry Back Mortgage form. One of our consultants will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your real estate note. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your financial goals.