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Sell Real Estate Note

Individuals and investors can sell real estate note in whole or part to obtain lump sum cash payment. All types of real estate notes can be sold including mortgage notes, commercial real estate notes, real estate contracts and promissory notes.

In order to sell real estate note, buyers and sellers must enter into a legally binding agreement. Legal documents can include a letter of intent to purchase real estate, agreement to sell real estate and a purchase contract.

Real estate notes are created when realty or land is sold to document the details of the transaction and assign buyer rights. They are used as collateral to secure the property and record the promise to pay.

The type of real estate note used depends on the type of property and transaction. Mortgage notes are used with residential homes and commercial real estate. Land contracts are used when buying and selling raw land. Contract sales are used when buyers obtain financing through the seller.

Real estate notes are often used in conjunction with mortgage notes to secure financing. This is particularly true when seller carry back financing is offered. With this type of real estate contract, property owners carry a portion of financing and the balance of the loan is financed through a mortgage lender, bank or credit union.

Individuals who own seller carry back trust deeds can sell the note in whole or part to another buyer. It is common practice amongst investors to sell partial seller carry back contracts in order to obtain cash for additional investment properties.

Real estate notes are commonly used with real estate stock purchases. Oftentimes, investors partner with others to purchase large parcels of land and commercial real estate. Investors purchase stock and the money is placed inside a real estate investment trust. REITs are companies which own and manage multiple properties.

Caution should be used when selling real estate notes. While this strategy can be a good method for quickly raising cash, it is not without risk. Most importantly, sellers do not obtain full face value for cash flow notes because there are fees associated with the sale. Depending on the type of property being sold, sellers might be required to obtain a property appraisal or pay a title transfer fee.

Real estate is a multidisciplinary field. Individuals who participate in buying and selling real estate notes must be educated about real estate laws, finance options, property management, tenant rights, real estate marketing and business management.

The Internet is a good source for obtaining real estate information. Many investors offer investing classes online or sale home study courses. Realtors sometimes offer real estate training classes to local residents. Check the Classifieds section of newspapers and realty publications to locate investors and realtors offering educational real estate courses.

Last, but not least, investors should establish a strong network of realty professionals including real estate lawyers, realtors, property appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders and real estate investors.

Buying and selling real estate notes can be a lucrative venture. Those who take time to learn the trade well can fatten their wallets by developing a portfolio of profit-generating properties. We invite you to learn more about real estate investment opportunities and how to profit from them by browsing our comprehensive real estate article database.