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Ron Legrand the Le Grand Realestate Investing Course in Foreclosures

Ron Legrand is a self-made millionaire who struck it rich in real estate investing. He refers to himself as a "dirt-poor redneck mechanic" and proclaims anyone can learn how to make a fortune through real estate investments. Today, he is known as “The World’s Leading Expert at Quick Turning Houses.”

Although Ron Legrand has been investing in real estate for over 25 years, the first seven years were quite rocky. He eagerly shares his tale of misfortune to help others avoid costly pitfalls. Through his own personal experiences, Ron Legrand created an easy real estate investing system anyone could learn. He began teaching his techniques to others through investment seminars and today offers a wide variety of products through his website.

Ron Legrand offers a free CD "How to Make a Fortune in a Slow Real Estate Market", which includes five real estate investing bonus gifts. For a mere $4.77 in shipping and handling charges, Ron Legrand will mail his extremely popular CD directly to your home. Anyone with an interest in real estate investing can learn from this professional for less than the cost of a fast-food lunch.

Additional free resources are available at Ron Legrand's website including a subscription to 'Millionaire Maker Newsletter' and three live seminars in select locations. 'Fast Cash Workshop' and 'Fast Track to Wealth' seminars are presented in Chicago, New York and Houston. Ron Legrand's "5th Annual Customer Appreciation" is a 5-day bash hosted in Los Angeles.

In addition to the freebies, Ron Legrand offers numerous home study courses and live training events. From real estate investing to business management and seller financing to tax liens, Ron Legrand offers a wide variety of wealth building seminars for newbies to seasoned professionals.

Anyone who has an opportunity to attend Ron Legrand events should seize the moment. Doing so could substantially increase the size of your investment portfolio. All events are listed on the Calendar at Ron Legrand's website.

Real estate investing is a constantly-changing game and it's imperative to stay abreast of current market trends. In addition to Ron Legrand, other reputable investors include Whitney Real Estate, John Burley, Bruce Norris and Trump University. We also invite you to expand your real estate investing knowledge by perusing our comprehensive real estate article library