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Realistate Agent

A realistate agent can help individuals and companies buy or sell property. Some specialize in residential homes, while others focus on commercial property. Agents can be instrumental in orchestrating real estate short sales and help buyers locate foreclosure properties.

It's best to work with a realistate agent experienced in the market where you want to buy or sell. You wouldn't seek out realtors who specialize in commercial properties if you're trying to sell your home or vice versa. Nor, would you want to hire an agent who is accustomed to selling homes in the city if you want to buy a ranch in the foothills

There are two types of realtors - buyer's agents and seller's agents. Those who want to buy residential or commercial real estate will want to hire a buyer's agent. Those who need to sell their property will work with a seller's agent.

Selecting an appropriate realtor ensures the agent can quickly locate the types of properties you desire, or connect with buyers in need of the real estate you are selling. It can be helpful to ask family and friends for referrals. Nearly everyone knows a realistate agent. If the referral doesn't work out there is a strong probability they can put you in touch with the right agent for the task at hand.

Another good source is local real estate magazines. These publications include photos, contact information, website addresses, and lists of property for sale. Take time to review each realtor's website to learn more about their experience and qualifications. Agents who market properties via local publications possess better knowledge about the local real estate market.

A good option for meeting realtors face-to-face is by attending open houses. These venues provide the opportunity to meet the agent and discuss your real estate needs. Open houses are usually a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to see how the agent represents listed properties. Attending 3 or 4 open house events allows you to compare realtors and determine which is best suited for your needs.

An insider-secret for locating the perfect real estate agent is to keep a watchful eye of 'For Sale' signs in the area where you plan to buy or sell. Keep a list of active agents and how long their properties are on the market. The realtor who has the highest number of 'Sold' signs is your best bet.

Last, but not least, conduct online searches to locate local realistate agents. Two good sources include and These nationwide directories let visitors locate realtors by county and provides links to agent websites. Take time to view each agent's profile to determine what they offer and if they are qualified to handle the type of transaction you require.

There are instances when sellers elect to list their property as 'For Sale by Owner'. Unless you have a thorough understanding of real estate transactions, it is best to leave this task to professionals. Doing so ensures proper contracts are in place and eliminates the headaches associated with trying to sell real estate on your own.

We invite you peruse our real estate article library to discover home selling techniques, learn how to buy houses with bad credit, research alternative financing options, and gather additional tips for finding the perfect realistate agent.