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Real Estate Property Analysis Software

Real estate property analysis software is a powerful tool for your real estate arsenal. Used by real estate investors, developers, agents, brokers and landlords to analyze real estate investments, real estate property analysis software is available to simplify all your real estate needs.

Two popular real estate property analysis software programs for landlords and house flippers is offered at Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer® Software provides a host of tools to forecast property cash flow, determine rental rates and property value, create professional reports for clients, investors and lenders, and much more.

Flippers and Rehabber's Cash Flow Analyzer® Software provides a budget and costing estimator, rehab project scheduler, inspection report, presentations and reports, financial tools, cash flow forecasting and more. Both products receive rave reviews and are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Advantage Software, LLC offers real estate property analysis software including On Target 3.01 Real Estate Investment Software and EZ-Estimate 2.01 House Flipping Software. On Target 3.01 includes analysis and financial tools for single family rentals, apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial properties and warehouses.

EZ-Estimate 2.01 provides powerful tools to house flippers. Geared toward the investor who plans to sell rehabbed houses in one year or less, this real estate property analysis software simplifies the entire process. From calculating expenses to projection of profitability, EZ-Estimate can reduce the stress associated with flipping houses.

Real Data offers high-end real estate property analysis software for the serious investor. Real Estate Investment Analysis International Edition software allows users to choose U.S., European or Canadian mortgage calculators. This professional real estate property analysis software can produce cash flow projections for up to 20 years. Real estate calculations are available for multi-family dwellings, apartments, office buildings, industrial buildings and shopping centers.

To be successful in real estate investing it's important to be organized, flexible and patient. It takes time to locate exceptional deals and not all deals are as exceptional as they may first appear. Using real estate property analysis software can help determine which properties will yield the greatest return on investment.

In addition to having the proper tools, investors must stay abreast of current market trends. Continuous education is crucial for success. While you're here, we invite you to peruse our real estate article library and read up-to-date articles on a variety of investment and wealth-building topics.