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Real Estate Notes and Seller Carry Back Cash Flow Notes is a Specialty Business

Our Financial Services Specialist can help you Sell your Real Estate Notes, Promissory Notes and IOUs for Cash Fast.

Real estate notes and land contracts are legal documents used between two or more parties to secure real estate transactions. Also known as "real estate receivables" or "real estate notes", these documents are created when a piece of real estate or land is sold.

Oftentimes, real estate notes and land contracts are used when the seller of the property provides seller carry back financing. In this type of real estate transaction, the property owner acts as the lending institution. The buyer provides a cash down payment to the seller and the balance is paid in installments until the debt is paid in full. The payments the seller receives from the real estate note are an asset and can be sold for a lump sum of cash to a note buyer such as Simon Volkov.

There are numerous reasons to sell real estate notes and land contracts. However, the most common reason is because the seller is in need of cash. When real estate receivables are sold for cash the current balance is always sold at a discount. This is due to deflation of the dollar and the low interest rate usually charged on seller carry back financing.

Three factors are considered when selling real estate notes and contracts, which will determine the amount of cash a note can be sold for. These include:

1. Current economic situation
2. Terms of the note
3. Degree of risk

Simon Volkov is a leader in the cash flow industry and is able to evaluate your real estate notes and land contracts. We can help you determine if selling your real estate note is the best financial decision. The first thing we will do is examine the terms of the note and degree of risk. Once we evaluate the factors above, we can make a cash offer for your real estate notes and land contracts.

Another option to selling your real estate receivables for cash is known as a "partial purchase". This type of transaction involves selling a percentage of the remaining payments on the note. Let's say you need $25,000 in cash and hold a real estate note with a balance of $100,000 payable in 100 monthly installments. Instead of selling the entire real estate note, you could sell 25 installments now and retain the remaining 75 payments. In this situation you would have access to the cash you need while retaining assets for your financial portfolio.

Regardless of your financial situation, Simon Volkov is here to help. We can advise you of your options for obtaining the cash you need today. To get started, simply provide us with information about your real estate notes and land contracts via our secure Real Estate form. Upon receipt of your information one of our qualified consultants will contact you within 48 hours. Your information will be held in the strictest confidence and never shared with anyone. We look forward to serving you and assisting you in making sound financial decisions.