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Real Estate Investment Articles

Over the years, I've written a lot of real estate investment articles. The other day I was doing a little spring cleaning on the website to make certain all the links are active. As I looked through the articles, I realized it was similar to flipping through old photographs. You get a good insight as to how you have changed over time. One thing is for certain... I have become a much better writer!

I thought you might enjoy the following real estate investment articles which focus on tried-and-true investing techniques. Below are my top five picks, but there are plenty more in the real estate investment articles library.

#1: "Hot" Real Estate Market? The flood gates are about to open: This article discusses how to spot a hot real estate market. Although we are currently in a slump, there are still a few thriving markets. According to, the top 5 "hot" spots for real estate investments include: McAllen, TX, Casper, WY, Biloxi, MS, Logan, UT and Bismarck, ND.

#2: Realestate investing tips and tricks: A basic overview of the various types of real estate investments, what's involved, and how to turn a profit. Learn about residential and commercial investments, rent-to-own, raw land and house flipping.

#3: Real estate investments in your portfolio: Explore the plethora of real estate opportunities available and which are the smartest investments. This article provides an overview of real estate trusts, vacant land, lease options, bank owned properties and more.

#4: Realistate investor network: Discover the importance of developing a strong network of real estate specialists. Learn how organizing a team of investors, realtors, brokers and bankers can help you locate exceptional deals. Locate resources to help you build your team of investment professionals.

#5: Realastate - the time to buy is now: This article provides insider-secrets on a little known investment technique. Few people are privy to this information, so this is your lucky day! Now, you can learn an investment secret that can save you thousands while expanding your real estate portfolio.

In closing, if you own real estate that you need to sell quickly, I might be interested in buying it. Feel free to submit information about your property via the "we buy houses" form. I will personally contact you within 48 hours to discuss available options.