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Real Estate Investing Forums

Real estate investing forums are becoming a popular hang-out for people interested in participating in the real estate game. Real estate investors from across the country gather in forums to network with other investors, share information and locate potential deals.

While real estate investing forums can be a great place to socialize and meet like-minded people, it is important to realize not everyone who participates in these forums is well-versed in real estate. Careful consideration and considerable research should be given to information obtained in real estate forums.

One of the more popular real estate investing forums can be found at Discussion forums include a wide range of topics including foreclosures, short sales, subject to, 1031 exchanges, commercial real estate and wholesaling for quick cash.

When visiting REIClub real estate investing forums, be prepared to spend some time. Each category includes thousands of posts by forum members and presents a wide range of information and resources. In order to participate in the forum, individuals must register for a free account and abide by the rules and regulations.

Another popular real estate investing forum is Creative Real Estate Online forums include: real estate financing, real estate law, commercial real estate, cash flow, mortgages and notes, mobile homes and Carlton Sheets.

CREOnline real estate investing forums are open to anyone and participants are not required to register. Due to the level of participation, it can be a bit challenging to locate specific information. However, CRE's investing forum contains many real estate investing secrets and hard-to-find info. In my opinion, it's definitely worth a visit. is a social network for real estate investors, consumers and professionals. Members can create a profile and provide information used for networking. Forums cover a wide range of topics including real estate basics, marketing and deal making techniques, foreclosure, financial, tax and legal issues, wholesaling, rent to own, lease purchases and much more.

In addition to the active real estate investing forums, offers an array of resources for investors. Entire sections are devoted to the topics of foreclosure and landlords. Investors seeking real estate deals can join the Investor's list, free of charge. Real estate chats are offered each day and cover topics such as rehabbing and property financing. is an excellent resource for individuals serious about making money in real estate. If you take advantage of the various tools and resources available, you can obtain a free education in the basics of real estate investing.

Last, but not least, we offer an abundance of real estate investing articles and invite you to peruse our real estate investing blog at your leisure. Please take a moment to bookmark and come back when you have more time to spend with us.

Although we currently do not have a real estate investing forum, we hope to have one in place at a later time. Until we do, I encourage you to review the selections above. These are but a few of the investing forums available. You can easily locate more by typing in "real estate investing forums" at your favorite search engine.