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Real Estate Investing Articles

Looking for informative real estate investing articles? If so, this article is exactly what you've been waiting for! As a private real estate investor, I am constantly reading investment articles. My philosophy is education breeds success. Unfortunately, there are many people writing real estate articles that don't have a clue what they are doing.

You see, the phrase 'real estate investing articles' is a hot keyword for internet marketers. A lot of people are writing articles and stuffing it with keywords, hoping to obtain top rankings in the search engines. Their goal is to convince you they are real estate moguls and can teach you how to amass your fortune in investment opportunities

The good news is, I'm not here to sell you anything. My only objective is to help you locate legitimate real estate investing articles so you can learn the trade or enhance your skills. Let's face it... There is plenty of real estate to go around.

One of my favorite resources for obtaining real estate investing articles is Creative Real Estate Online is a mecca of information, books, resources and real estate software. CRE also has an online forum where you can network with other investors. CRE offers a wide range of real estate investing articles focused on creative financing.

REIClub is another excellent resource for obtaining up-to-date real estate investing information. Not only does REIClub offer an abundance of free information, there are numerous courses, newsletters, books and seminars for both seasoned and newbie investors.

Trump University provides a plethora of real estate investing articles along with some of the world's best investment training packages. Everyone knows the "Donald" is an extremely successful and resilient real estate mogul. The "Trump Insider" newsletter is an excellent source for obtaining current information on an ever-changing market.

These are just three of my favorite real estate investing article resources. There are plenty more, but I feel these three provide the meat and potatoes of real estate investment techniques and strategies.

Last, but not least, I invite you to peruse my ever-expanding real estate investing articles library. We cover a wide range of real estate investing topics including foreclosures, short sales, probate, real estate owned and distressed properties.

If you are a real estate investors, feel free to subscribe to my Real Estate Investment feed. As a private investor I specialize in real estate, business notes, promissory notes, seller carry back trust deeds and probate. New opportunities are presented each day. Take a moment to subscribe today so you won't miss out on an investment opportunity tomorrow!