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Real Estate for Sale

Real estate for sale is growing at an astounding rate in today’s market. With the abundance of real estate properties for sale, many homeowners are accepting offers far below market value in order to sell their home. Savvy investors are able to purchase real estate for pennies on the dollar, allowing them to flourish in this buyer's market.

The number of real estate for sale properties plays an important role for investors. A competitive market means more properties are available with lower asking prices. Homeowners who need to sell their property quickly are forced to accept bids significantly below market value. This is an unfortunate market for homeowners hoping to sell their property at a profit, but it is a real estate investor's dream.

Foreclosure rates are on the rise with the amount of real estate for sale. Many homeowners who bought a new home thinking they could easily sell their previous home are now in dire financial straits. When homeowners are unable to pay mortgage payments on both properties, they will oftentimes allow the previous residence to fall into forlosure.

A growing number of homeowners with real estate for sale are opting to place their property on the market as "For Sale by Owner." This allows homeowners to reduce their asking price and bypass realtor commission fees. In turn, this lowers closing costs for buyers or real estate investors.

As with any real estate transaction, investors must research the market area to ensure they are getting the deal they expect on real estate for sale. Comparable market research can be done on the Internet or with the assistance of a real estate agent. Comparable market reports reveal the original asking price of real estate for sale and the purchase price of other homes in the area.

In the current market of real estate for sale, rental properties are a profitable investment. Properties can be purchased for less money, but still demand a higher rent payment. Rental properties can bring a steady stream of income to the investor now and be sold for profit when the real estate market rebounds.

Investors who offer seller carry back financing can also profit from today’s real estate for sale market. Banks and lending institutions are placing stricter guidelines on mortgages, making it impossible for buyers to obtain a mortgage without sufficient down payment. Seller carry back financing oftentimes allows investors to sell their properties quickly because they are opening their real estate for sale to a larger market.