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Real Esates

'Real esates' is a frequently misspelled word for real estate. Regardless of how it is spelled, this word combination refers to residential and commercial property, as well as people who sell or invest in real property. In other words, real estate is an encompassing word.

People who sell real esates for a living are known as realtors, real estate sales agents, or brokers. Individuals who own multiple properties are known as real estate investors. Both professions offer the opportunity to generate profits.

When a homeowner sells their house through a realtor they must pay their agent commission for listing the property. When their house is sold, homeowners must pay the buyer's realistate agent a commission at closing.

Real esates agent fees vary, but the average fee is 3-percent of the purchase price. For example, if the purchase price is $100,000, the listing agent would receive $3,000 and the buyer's realtor would receive $3,000. Many homeowners fail to calculate the cost of both realtors when establishing their purchase price. For obvious reasons, this can be a costly mistake.

Property owners can forego paying real estate agent commissions by either selling property on their own or by selling to a real estate investor. Individuals who engage in For Sale by Owner (FSBO) must have a thorough understanding of real estate contracts. Few people can engage in FSBO without the assistance of a real estate attorney.

Investors who purchase real esates generally seek properties priced below market value. Today, investors have a plethora of properties to choose from. With the influx of foreclosures, bank owned properties and short sales; investors can pick and choose from a wide range of cheap homes for sale.

Borrowers facing foreclosure might be able to obtain a short sale through their mortgage provider. When lenders enter into short sale transactions they agree to accept less than the borrower owes on their mortgage note in exchange for selling the house quickly.

The short sale process generally takes four to six months to complete. Borrowers must obtain approval from their lender before listing their property. When borrowers become delinquent on their mortgage payments their lender assigns a loss mitigator to manage the loan.

Loss mitigators mediate between the bank and the borrower. Their primary role is to negotiate a deal that allows the bank to recover as much money as possible. This might be accomplished through a loan modification or short sale.

Homeowners who need to sell their home quickly should consider locating private investors who purchase property with cash. Cash expedites the sale and provides additional negotiation opportunities.

If you need to sell real estate to satisfy a short sale agreement or avoid foreclosure, I may have a solution to your problem. I buy houses in California, Washington, Arizona and Nevada. I also have a network of 2,000 private investors across the nation.

Feel free to submit information about your property via the "we buy houses" form. I will be happy to review your real esates holdings at no charge to you. There is no catch or hidden fees. Once you submit your property, I will personally contact you within 48 hours to discuss your options.