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Quick Money in Real Estate

Finding quick money in real estate is what many investors are looking to do. Making a quick buck is not the best business plan for a realty investment business. A good investment portfolio should be well rounded and diversified for long term stability. Wholesaling and house flipping is quick money in real estate and not a constant lucrative realestate investment plan.

Investments that offer quick money in real estate are good for building up cash flow quickly. Wholesaling properties or flipping houses can generate fast cash. However, real estate investors need to think about the big picture. Buying houses to resale them quickly offers the opportunity to make quick money in real estate, but more money can be made over time by keeping the property and renting it out.

Renting houses offers a steady cash flow opportunity every month. Once the house is paid off the rent payments are almost all net profit. By putting the profits back into the investment and paying down the mortgage faster, rental homes become more profitable.

Another investment opportunity that may not offer quick money in real estate, but more money in the long term is purchasing a mortgage note. When investors purchase a mortgage note they act as the bank. Like the mortgage company they charge interest on the note. This interest is paid monthly and is net profit. The majorities of home buyers who need private investor financing are unable to obtain traditional financing and are willing to pay higher interest rates. If a homeowner defaults on the loan, the investor can foreclose on the property just like a bank.

Speaking of foreclosures, purchasing houses at a foreclosure auction is another investment opportunity real estate investors should consider. You must have financing in place at the time of the bid and be prepared to pay at auction close. To make quick money in real estate foreclosures, investors can try to sell the property immediately after performing minor cosmetic repairs, or investors can opt to rehab the property to raise the property value. This takes longer to reap the rewards but homes can sell at a higher profit.

To learn more about making quick money in real estate, check out my real estate investment articles library. There are thousands of articles about investments both long term and for fast cash. When it comes to a successful real estate investment business, quick money in real estate is only one part of the equation. Planning for your long term growth investment with passive income is the other part.