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Promisarynote is one of the most common misspellings for 'promissory note'. An easy way to remember is to understand this legal instrument is used to document a "promise" to pay. A promissory note can be used for everything from a personal loan to a mortgage note.

A personal promisarynote is an excellent way to avoid conflicts when borrowing money from family or friends. Although many people feel uncomfortable drafting a legal document for a loan, doing so can prevent many misunderstandings. When terms for repayment are outlined on paper and signed by all parties involved, no one can say they don't understand the agreement.

Personal promissary notes should include specific information in order to be valid in a court of law. At minimum, promisarynotes should include the names of the people involved in the transaction; loan amount; repayment terms; rate of interest charged; late fees; and what happens if the borrower defaults on the loan.

It is important to note that when charging interest rates on a personal loan, the person lending the money must adhere to their states' usury laws. Usury laws dictate the amount of interest that can be charged. Private individuals typically must charge less than banks.

Before charging interest, be certain to verify you are in compliance with state laws. Violation of usury laws can result in jail-time.

A commercial promissory note is executed when money is borrowed from banks. Commercial notes oftentimes contain a default clause which grants the lender the right to demand payment in full if the borrower defaults.

'Negotiable' promissory notes are used to record real estate transactions. Real estate promissory notes are regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Specific conditions outlined by the National Conference on Commissioners on Uniform State Laws must be followed.

Buyers and sellers engaging in rent-to-own, seller carry back mortgages, or FSBO (for sale by owner) transactions should retain the services of a real estate attorney to ensure they are in compliance.

Business owners use promissory notes to raise capital for their business. Instead of taking out a loan with the bank, outside investors provide necessary funding.

Promisarynotes can be bought and sold. Anyone holding a promissory note can sell all or part of it for upfront cash. When selling partial notes, the noteholder signs their right to payment over to buyer for a specific period of time. When the loan is repaid, the note payments revert back to the owner.

If you own promissory notes you would like to sell, contact Simon Volkov today. Simon is a private investor and note buyer who specializes in buying and selling notes and real estate. Options for contacting Simon are located on the "Contact" page.

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