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Divorce Lawyers - CPA refer your clients for liquidating Real Estate for cash fast. Certified Public Accountants help your customers get cash fast for their Mortgage Notes - Deeds of Trust - Agreements for Deed

It's a well-known fact divorce lawyers and certified public accountants frequently witness the wreckage caused by irresponsible handling of finances. Spouses in the midst of an ugly divorce want to gouge their partner and "take them for all their worth." They'll squabble over everything and drag the divorce process out for as long as possible.

When property is involved, divorce proceedings can go from bad to worse. Each partner wants to hold onto the property or make the other sell out for cash. They'll tie each other up in court for years in a feeble attempt to squeeze out one more dime.

CPAs regularly encounter clients who need to quickly liquidate investments or real estate. These clients have gotten themselves into financial "hot water" and are operating from a mode of desperation. When people are embarrassed and ashamed of their financial mistakes, they have a tendency to let things spiral out of control before obtaining advice. By the time they contact their certified public accountant they are in way over their head and looking for a miracle.

If you have clients who are facing financial hardship, Simon Volkov might be able to provide that miracle they are seeking. We can help to liquidate your client's estate and provide a lump sum cash payment for real estate, annuities, investments and more.

To learn more about the unique cash flow services offered through Simon Volkov, contact us through our secure Forms Page. Upon receipt of your information one of our qualified consultants will contact you to further discuss the needs of your client. Once approved, we can put cash in your client's hands within two to three weeks.

Simon Volkov is an industry leader and has helped hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt, professional service while providing clients with a fair and honest deal. We look forward to helping your clients overcome their financial hurdles.