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Probate can be tied up in Probate Court on an average 18 to 24 months.

Probate is a legal process that takes place through a Probate Court. The purpose of probate is to ensure that property belonging to a deceased person is properly distributed according to the decedent's will and state laws.

Probate is also initiated when the decedent does not have a living trust. When a person dies without living instruction as to how they would like their property distributed, the Probate Court assumes jurisdiction over the property and has final authority over its distribution.

When an individual's estate enters into the probate process it can take several months, or even years, before the case is settled. During this time the estate will incur substantial court and attorney costs which can place a heavy financial burden upon the family. In some cases, these fees add up to more than the estate is worth. When this occurs the Probate Court orders the sale of all property in order to recuperate legal fees and court expenses, leaving the family with nothing but added financial burden.

Simon Volkov helps people steer their way through the probate process. We can help you liquidate real estate property, household contents such as furniture and electronics, and valuables including jewelry, collectable items and art work.

Dealing with probate courts and lawyers can be a daunting task. For most people the loss of a loved one is a highly emotional period on its own. Having to deal with the probate process can cause additional stress and emotional pain that is nearly impossible to deal with on a rational level.

If you are currently involved in probate, Simon Volkov would like to talk with you. We can guide you through the process, help you liquidate assets and save you time and money.

To obtain free information and speak to one of our qualified probate specialists simply provide the requested information via our Probate form. One of our professionals will contact you within 48 hours to further discuss your probate situation. Your information is held in the strictest of confidence and will never be shared with anyone. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you through this emotional process.