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Probate Liquidators

Probate liquidators are companies or individuals who specialize in buying and selling assets gifted to beneficiaries through death. Probate is the legal process used to validate the decedent's Will and ensure assets are distributed accordingly. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, the probate process can take several months or years to complete.

Selling assets to probate liquidators can provide cash to the estate which can be used to pay off outstanding debts and relieve financial burdens. This is particularly helpful for beneficiaries who have inherited real estate with a mortgage note

During probate the estate is responsible for all expenses associated with real property. For instance, if the decedent held a mortgage the estate must continue making payments or risk having the house fall into foreclosure. The estate is also responsible for property insurance and taxes, along with property maintenance such as lawn care services and general repairs.

Probate liquidators buy assets outright from the estate. In some states, authorization to sell probate assets must be approved by the court. When real estate is involved and more than one person is entitled to the property, all beneficiaries must agree to sell the property. If one or more heirs disagree and the estate does not have sufficient funds to properly maintain the home, a judge may override the decision and grant the estate administrator authority to sell.

Probate real estate isn't limited to single family dwellings. As a probate liquidator I also purchase raw land, rental properties, mobile homes, apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial properties such as retail stores, shopping malls and even businesses.

Real estate is not the only type of property probate liquidator's purchase. Most of these companies will buy jewelry, household goods, antiques, art, collectibles, automobiles, boats, watercraft, motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

Last, but not least, probate liquidators can help estate executor's throughout the probate process. Many of these organizations offer assistance in locating missing heirs and lost property. Some offer assistance in organizing an estate auction. Others specialize in selling businesses or locating buyers for commercial and rental properties.

As a private investor, I buy probate real estate on a regular basis. Not only do I obtain great bargains, but this service allows heirs to move forward after their devastating loss of a loved one.

If you are entitled to real estate held in probate and need to sell your house quickly, take a moment to submit property information via the "we buy houses" form. I will be happy to review your property holdings and contact you within 72 hours of submission.

We invite you to learn more about selling real estate to probate liquidators in our real estate article library. Here you will find helpful tips and resources to help determine if selling probate assets is in your best interest.