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For Immediate Release
January 31, 2008

Stick it to the Bank - Buy Real Estate for Pennies on the Dollar

Orange, California; REO Specialist and respected real estate investor, Simon Volkov, announces real estate investment group opens doors to serious investors. Private individuals and small groups now have multiple opportunities to purchase single family residence (SFR) homes and real estate investment notes for pennies on the dollar.

Both novice and experienced real estate investors can realize deep discounts and expansive profits by purchasing single family residence (SFR) homes at wholesale prices. Volkov states, "Although many real estate investors are skittish about investing in foreclosure homes and other distressed properties, historically there has never been a better time to invest."

According to Volkov, the supply of housing inventory caused by rapidly rising foreclosures creates the making for a perfect real estate storm. Volkov explains, "Interest rates are lower than they have been in 25 years. Smart investors can capitalize on losses incurred by those who over-invested or fell victim to sub-prime loans. Banks are holding on to properties they need to liquidate and builders are sitting on homes they need to sell. Unfortunately, one man's loss is another man's gain."

Sub-prime loans and other past lending programs has presented devastating results, leaving thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure. Many banks and financial institutions are holding portfolios consisting of hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate owned properties. Due to the lack of equity in most REO properties, banks rarely accept less than ninety-five cents on the dollar in today’s market. This is not the makings for a solid real estate investment.

Simon Volkov specializes in buying foreclosed and bank real estate owned properties at wholesale, based on current market prices. By working with other lenders who are purchasing bank portfolios at wholesale prices, Simon Volkov is able to market these properties to cash buyers. "Investors who buy with cash are able to close in less than 30 days, allowing them to quickly turn these homes into investment or rental properties, add to their real estate listings or simply flip the house", states Volkov.

Volkov's investment club allows investors to buy single family residence foreclosure homes for as little as seventy cents on the dollar. Volkov states, "A recent purchase of bank real estate owned REO properties leaves us with an expansive nationwide portfolio. Investors have the opportunity to buy homes across the 48 contiguous states, making this an attractive and profitable offer for serious investors.

Simon Volkov is currently seeking investors who have cash on hand and interested in bank owned real estate opportunities. According to Volkov, "Those who take action now can realize substantial profits and potentially become millionaires within the next 12 to 18 months."

Homes for sale at wholesale pricing will soon be listed on the Simon Volkov site. Real estate investors can subscribe to a free Investor Notification List directly from the website. When foreclosed houses and bank REO properties are available, investors are notified in real time through both RSS and email.

Volkov claims, "The best opportunity to invest in single family residence real estate is right now. The market is bottoming out, but economic and political change will ultimately turn the market upward. Those who are investing now will profit the most." offers a wealth of real estate resources for both buyers and sellers. Investors are invited to subscribe to Investment opportunities via RSS feed or email by visiting