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Online Investing

Online investing is a relatively new way to build financial portfolios. From online stock trading to purchasing mutual funds and 401k investing to buying real estate, nearly all types of investment products can purchased at the click of a mouse.

The most common concern of online investing is security. Suffice it to say, that anything in the online world is subject to computer hacking. Whether it is your bank account, credit cards, medical history or online investment practices, nothing is 100-percent safe. However, investment companies take every conceivable measure to ensure investors are protected.

The first step of online investing is to locate a good investment company. Popular online investment companies include: Vanguard, Fidelity Investments, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Charles Schwab and Merrill Lynch.

Achieving the best results requires investors to engage in online investing comparison shopping. A good place to start is This website offers an investing simulator center which provides various presentations to acclimate investors to available online investing tools. Investors can peruse each simulator module to find out what it is like to trade online, establish margin accounts, and locate tips to help spot investment hype.

Real estate investments can be a profitable addition to financial portfolios. Multiply realty investment options exist including residential and commercial real estate, or buying and selling real estate and land contracts, mortgage notes or seller carry back mortgages.

Investors who buy homes can purchase real estate properties online. One popular online investment home buying company is, which caters to both first time and seasoned investors.

Investors interested in owning a real estate franchise can discover the advantages of buying, selling and rehabbing houses through HomeVestors of America. Known for their "We Buy Ugly Houses" campaign, HomeVestors offers investment real estate franchises in each of the 50 U.S. states.

The next step to investing online involves determining which types of investment products to purchase. These can include life insurance, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, retirement investing, treasuries, stocks and options, and tax-deferred and income annuities. Most investors dabble in a little of each to build a diverse financial portfolio.

Most online investment firms offer consultations via phone or instant message systems. Additionally, they publish investing articles, video and audio presentations, and interactive guides to familiarize investors with their company and the services offered.

People who are new to investing sometimes find establishing financial portfolios online to be challenging. Newbie investors might find it beneficial to work with online investment firms that have brick-and-mortar companies where they can obtain one-on-one financial consultations if desired. Edward Jones offers both in person and online investing options, as do many other investment companies.

As a private real estate investor, I offer a variety of realty and cash flow investment opportunities. Investors are encouraged to subscribe to our RSS feed to obtain instant notification when new investment opportunities are available.

In order to achieve desired investment results it is important to conduct research to determine which options are best suited for your needs. Begin your journey by browsing our online investing article library. Subscribe to our mailing list to be instantly notified when new investment articles are published.