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Mergers and Acquisition

Simon is always looking to expand into new areas for private investment. Private mergers or acquisitions on small companies are the next venue. These companies must due at least 2 million to no more than 20 million in annual sales and are privately held. They must be a manufacturer in a niche business with great penetration and growth possibilities.

Simon has a seeded interest in acquiring, financing or brokering a deal that can be lucrative and profitable to all parties involved. Many of the business that is approached are held in strict confidence.

Below you will find the simply procedures that take place.

  • Confidentiality agreements must be signed by principal and /or principals.
  • An agreement is signed to terms.
  • An audit is performed for full evaluation.
  • An escrow account is opened with funds deposited.
  • We will look to see if the company that will meet our criteria.

If the companies does not meet our requirements then we will broker a deal for you.

We are NOT looking for business owners who built a business are looking to sell at over inflated prices.

We are looking for companies that have a good balance sheet with great prospects of growth in the next 2-3 years and are ripe for the picking from others. We are discrete in our search for acquiring or finding the appropriate acquisition for you.

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