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John Burley Real Estate Boot Camp is approved by Simon Volkov for Educational Real Estate Investing, Mentoring and Coaching.

John Burley is a highly sought after investor with over 25 years experience in successful real estate transactions. The "Burley Boot Camp" is a high-powered five-day event which teaches motivated individuals how to make their fortune in real estate. The cost to attend John Burley's Boot Camp is a whopping $6,995, but it's a small price to pay to learn insider secrets and create wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

For people with shallow pockets, John Burley offers a vast array of home study courses. Ranging in price from $99 to $999, Burley's investing courses include "Make Fortunes in Foreclosures", "Secrets of the Professional Investor Made Easy", "Ultimate Cash Flow" and "Automatic Wealth Manual". With a dozen home study courses to choose from, Burley can teach anyone how to achieve their financial goals.

John Burley has numerous accolades including being featured in Donald Trump's book, "Wealth Building 101", Money magazine and Yahoo! Money Matters. Burley has been a guest speaker at Tony Robbins workshops and a faculty member at Trump University. Needless to say, John is a busy man.

There is no doubt John Burley is qualified to teach real estate investing and financial planning. Those who follow his investing blueprint generally obtain their financial goals. His website,, offers a free online eCourse entitled, "Financial Success Strategies." It's a good read for everyone, but particularly newbies who don't fully understand the ins and outs of finances.

When becoming involved in real estate investing, it's important to understand there are many elements involved and numerous ways to invest. The mortgage industry has been turned upside down and considerable shake ups will occur before all is said and done. The days of zero-down, interest-only, no-income-verified loans are gone. Today, anyone obtaining financing to purchase real estate should be prepared to undergo financial scrutiny.

Although the current real estate market looks bleak, it has opened up an abundance of opportunities for real estate investing. Investors who buy with cash can develop a massive real estate portfolio in a relatively short period of time. All that is required is desire and motivation to learn proper real estate investing techniques.

It's always a good idea to become educated about the various aspects of real estate investing; particularly in today's constantly changing market. While John Burley offers solid investing and financial advice, not everyone can afford his products or attend his events.

Simon Volkov invites you to browse his personal finance and investment article library. Topics include annuities, cash flow notes, real estate investing, inheritance, probate, structured settlements, promissory notes, foreclosure, short sales, hardship letter and much more.

He offers solid information on how to purchase investment property, commercial real estate and bank foreclosures. Currently, Simon offers a complimentary subscription to real estate investment opportunities through his Real Estate Investment Club RSS Feed.