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Investors Who Buy Homes

Investors who buy homes have more choices than ever before. From rundown shacks to palatial mansions, few homes have been left unscathed by the foreclosure crisis. Many of these houses are being auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. Savvy real estate investors are buying up homes as fast as they can in hopes the housing bust will eventually return to a housing boom.

Investors who buy homes can be found in nearly every major city in the U.S. Some focus on purchasing high-end luxury homes, while others select low-end homes which can easily be rehabbed and flipped or used as rental property. Investors must develop a strategy plan to enrich their real estate portfolio without depleting financial resources.

As a private real estate investor, I can assure you there are great deals to be had. In fact, I am confident in saying there has never been a better time to invest in real estate. There are millions of distressed homeowners who need someone to buy their house fast. Otherwise, they will soon become another foreclosure statistic.

If you are facing foreclosure and need to sell your house quick, I'd like to take a look at your property. I specialize in purchasing foreclosure, short sale and probate real estate located in southern California.

I encourage you to submit information about your property via the "we buy houses" form. Upon submission of information I will gladly review your property and see if it is a good fit for my real estate portfolio or pass it along to my group of investors.

When selling your home to an investor it is important to realize you aren't going to obtain top dollar. Investors look for homes priced under market value. Many are scouting out distressed properties in need of repairs and renovations. The lower the price the better chance of selling; particularly in today's downturned market.

Many investors buy house for cash which allows closing to occur in days instead of weeks. Some engage in Subject To; a type of real estate transaction used to assign ownership rights in exchange for repayment of mortgage loans.

There are several types of creative financing options available to both investors and sellers. It is important to understand all options available prior to making a final decision. Selling your home is a big decision which should be weighed carefully.

I invite you to learn more about selling your home to a real estate investor in our real estate investing article library. Here you will discover tips, tricks and sound advice to help you obtain the best deals whether you are buying or selling real estate.