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Inheritance Cash for Heirs and Beneficiaries

Inheritance cash can sometimes be obtained as a cash advance through lenders or private investors. When beneficiaries are entitled to money or assets which are held in probate, it can takes months or even years before distribution takes place. Instead of waiting for inheritance cash to be distributed through probate, heirs can sell their pending assets for a lump sum cash payment through funding companies.

Inheritance cash programs can provide beneficiaries with funds to pay off personal debts or financial obligations associated with probate estates. Traditional lending institutions typically do not provide inheritance cash loans. Few banks or lending companies will provide loans using the estate as collateral because it is too risky.

Oftentimes, beneficiaries in need of cash for inheritance will turn to secondary lending sources. With the current credit crisis, it has become even more difficult to obtain a loan using estate assets as collateral. Heirs who are able to qualify for inheritance cash loans are oftentimes required to obtain loans with high interest rates and fees.

The solution to the problem is to locate funding sources that offer heir advances or cash for inheritance funding. Heir advances are not loans and do not need to be repaid by the beneficiary who receives the funds. Instead, inheritance cash advances are reimbursed to the lending source once probate is settled.

As a general rule, funding sources provide inheritance cash advances when beneficiaries are entitled to $15,000 or more. The process typically takes five to ten business days to complete. Heirs must provide personal information such as their social security number and date of birth, along with details of the probate estate.

Funding sources require a current credit report to determine if any outstanding judgments, child support or bankruptcy proceedings exist which could interfere with repayment. If the applicant has any of the above, the majority of lending sources will not provide an inheritance cash advance.

Heirs must assign their inheritance rights to the funding source in exchange for the cash advance. In most instances, a fee is charged and deducted from the advance. If real estate is involved and multiple heirs are entitled to it, they must all be in agreement to sell the property. Otherwise, the funding source will not be able to provide funds using the real estate as collateral.

A lesser known way to obtain an inheritance cash advance is through a private investor, such as Simon Volkov. Our process is simple and requires very little of your time. Simply submit information regarding your inheritance through our secure Cash for Inheritance form. Upon receipt of your information, Simon will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your situation