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Inheritance Cash Advances

Inheritance cash advances aid heirs in collecting money from their loved one's estate while in probate. Inheritance cash advances can be confusing to beneficiaries who think they are borrowing money that needs to be repaid. Cash advances from your inheritance does not get paid back by heirs.

Inheritance cash advances are when heirs sell their interest in a decedent's estate to an investor. The investor then submits documents to the probate courts declaring themselves a creditor of the deceased. The investor is paid after the probate process is complete and the debtors of the estate are paid

Heirs don't have to worry about making monthly payments or paying high interest rates for inheritance cash advances. The decedent's estate repays the investor. An investor pays an heir a one time lump sum payment. All fees for the advance are charged to the estate.

Inheritance cash advances can be a blessing for cash strapped heirs by providing money immediately. Funds can be used for maintenance of probate properties, paying off medical bills of the deceased or paying funeral costs. If beneficiaries wait for the probate courts the process could take years.

The probate process is expensive because probate lawyers bill by the hour adding to court costs. When debtors are paid funds first go to any government agencies, then court fees and attorneys, then creditors of the decedent. If there is any money left over it is split between heirs. Statistically, 85% of beneficiaries received nothing.

Getting inheritance cash advances allow heirs to be sure they will receive something from the estate. Heirs must provide credit information and probate documents such as the deceased's Last Will and Testament. Inheritance cash advances can be giving for amounts ranging from $5,000 up to $250,000, up to 1/3 of the estate value, depending on the investor or funding source.

The Simon Volkov investment group provides inheritance cash advances. I have also purchased many properties during the probate process. I am experienced at working with the probate courts and can make the process hassle free. My inheritance cash advance articles library offers thousands of resources about probate, real estate investing and inheritance cash advances. These are available free of charge by clicking on the articles tab on the top left corner on the website.

If you are expecting an inheritance and think inheritance cash advances can provide you with the money you need, fill out our cash for inheritance form. An inheritance professional will contact you within 2 days. Once pre-qualified then approved, you can have your money in 3 weeks. Don't wait to see if the probate courts take all of your inheritance, fill out the form today.