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I Buy Houses

Have you noticed all the "I Buy Houses" signs situated at street corners and plastered on billboards? There's a reason for that. As the number of foreclosures continues to rise, fewer buyers are willing or able to purchase. Currently, the supply outweighs the demand. Instead, real estate investors are snatching up distressed properties and leasing them to foreclosure victims.

I entered the "I Buy Houses" business because it makes economic sense from an investment standpoint. I soon discovered that helping people out of bad situations was even more rewarding than the money my investments earned.

I was talking to a client the other day that was in the midst of a nasty divorce. He moved out of the house he shared with his wife nearly a year ago. He had been sending her a monthly check to cover living expenses, but she failed to make the mortgage payment. By the time he found out about it, the house was five days away from being foreclosed.

He contacted his lender and was fortunate enough to work with a loss mitigator who was sympathetic to his cause. They were able to work out a solution and he now has his home on the market. Unfortunately, things haven't improved with his impending divorce.

If you are currently in the midst of a bad situation and need to sell your house quick, feel free to submit information about your property via the "We Buy Houses" form. Although I primarily focus on buying houses in Southern California, I have a network of investors across the nation. I might be able to locate a buyer for your home if your property is average or above average. There is no fee to submit property information, so you have nothing to lose.

While my client had no previous knowledge of impending foreclosure, most people do. Real estate experts state nearly 50-percent of all foreclosures occur because the homeowner failed to respond. If you're facing foreclosure and haven't contacted your lender, you are making a fatal mistake.

Believe it or not, banks don't want your house. According to a report published by mortgage financier, Freddie Mac, the average cost of foreclosure is $60,000. To make matters worse, most foreclosures take 18 months to complete. That's a long time for a bank to sit on real estate and a lot of money to take it away from the homeowner.

By locating a buyer for distressed properties, homeowners can negotiate with their lender to obtain a short sale. Although the bank agrees to accept less than the amount owed on the mortgage loan, they will save money in the long run.

That's where I come in. In addition to buying houses for cash, I specialize in connecting buyers to sellers and helping people in tough situations. I've worked with homeowners facing foreclosure, divorce and bankruptcy. I've helped people who had previously obtained short sale approval but were unable to locate a buyer. I've helped people who were ready to walk away from their house because they didn't know what else to do.

I will be happy to review your property and do what I can to help. Again, simply fill out the questions on the We Buy Houses form and I will contact you within 24 hours.