Inheritance: Cash for your Inheritance

The form below shows all Cash for Inheritance investment opportunity. You as an investor can make offers to purchase these investments and add them to your portfolio. Remember you are making an offer to the holder of the investment. Once you decide to make an offer you will then scroll down the page until you find the name and phone number of the seller of the inheritance note and/or realestate and present it to them. Simon Volkov Inc. has nothing to do with these inheritances so we demand that you do your own due-diligence before you call or submit your offers directly to the note holder.

Is the person who left the estate deceased or living? Deceased    
Inheritance Amount 53 high quality tillable acres    
When is inheritance expected to distribute? Dec    
If in a trust, Payment Distribution Not in a Trust    
What is the regular payment amount? NA    
Age of Beneficiary 59    
Your First Name Dustin    
Your Last Name (register as an Investor)    
Day Phone Number 5074291136    
Evening Phone Number (register as an Investor)    
Your E-mail (register as an Investor)    
City Blue Earth    
State Minnesota    
Referred By (register as an Investor)    
How much do you need? 20,000    
How fast do you need it? ASAP
Added information about your Inheritance. IE. Explain why you are selling this note. I am researching for my mother. Her name is Diane Gonzalez. She is seeking funds against the land she has inherited from her parents. Time is critical. We have been turned down once because the funder was nervous about when the land will actually sell. However, we are not. Farm land in south central MN is some of the finest in the country. Only a few weeks ago, neighbors land has sold for over 12,000 and acre. Again. Time is critical. If funding increments is easier she can work with that. We appreciate your attention to this matter. Best Regards, Dustin Goerndt    


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