Real Estate Notes and Land Contracts

The form below shows all Real Estate Notes and Land Contract investment opportunity. You as an investor can make offers to purchase these investments and add them to your portfolio. Remember you are making an offer to the holder of the investment. Once you decide to make an offer you will then scroll down the page until you find the name and phone number of the seller of the real estate note and/or realestate and present it to them. Simon Volkov Inc. has nothing to do with these properties or notes so we demand that you do your own due-diligence before you call or submit your offers directly to the note holder.

Face Value of Note 288,000
($ Amount at Creation)
Real Estate Note Balance 287,855.64
Original Sale Date 09/23/10    
Interest Rate 3.5 (to 5) % Payment Amount 840 (to 1200)
Payments Made Monthly Date 1st Payment Made 11/01/10
# Payments Made 21 # Payments Remain 27
Next Due Date 08/01/12 Last Payment Made 07/03/12
Real Estate Note Status Current    
Balloon Payment Yes Balloon Amount 287,855.64
Date Balloon Due 10/01/14 Position of Real Estate Note 1 st
1st Remaining Balance 287,855.64 2nd Remaining Balance N/A
Payments Made on 2nd N/A Date Payment Made on 2nd N/A
# Payments Made on 2nd N/A # Payments Remain on 2nd N/A
Payer's Credit Score Unknown Value of Real Estate 320,000
Owner Occupied No Sales Date of Real Estate 09/23/10
Real Estate Sales Price 304,000 Real Estate Down Payment 16,000
Loan to Value 91 % Loan divided by Property Value Asking Price for Real Estate Note 273,000
Type of Note SFR-Rental    
I have a copy of the following and can make copies available by: Mail    
Type of Security Deed of Trust    
Copy of Estate Note Yes Closing Statement Yes
Proof of Hazard Insurance Yes Photo of Real Estate Yes
Payer's Credit Report No Recent Appraisal Yes
Street Address (register as an Investor) Real Estate / Property City Bellingham
State Washington Zip Code 98225
You are a/an Note Holder    
Your First Name Marjorie Your Last Name (register as an Investor)
Day Phone Number 503-227-1563 Evening Phone Number (register as an Investor)
Fax (register as an Investor) Your E-Mail Address (register as an Investor)
Referred By (register as an Investor) How Much Do You Need? N/A
How fast do you need it? N/A Recourse Yes
Added information about your Real Estate Note. IE. Explain why you are selling this note. I would like to sell the note in order to have cash to purchase another home. Consider Selling Partial? Yes


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