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The form below shows all Business Notes investment opportunity. You as an investor can make offers to purchase these investments and add them to your portfolio. Remember you are making an offer to the holder of the investment. Once you decide to make an offer you will then scroll down the page until you find the name and phone number of the seller of the business note and/or realestate and present it to them. Simon Volkov Inc. has nothing to do with these businesses or notes so we demand that you do your own due-diligence before you call or submit your offers directly to the note holder.

Face Value of Note 1,233,255.02
($ Amount at Creation)
Real Estate Note Balance n/a
Interest Rate 0 % Payment Amount 39,782.42
Payments Made Quarterly Date 1st Payment Made 9/1/2009
# Payments Made 5 # Payments Remain 31
Next Due Date july 15, 2011 Real Estate Note Status Current
Balloon Payment No Balloon Amount n/a
Date Balloon Due n/a Position of Real Estate Note 1 st
1st Remaining Balance 1,233,255.02 2nd Remaining Balance n/a
Payments Made on 2nd N/A Date Payment Made on 2nd n/a
# Payments Made on 2nd n/a # Payments Remain on 2nd n/a
Payer's Credit Score Unknown Value of Real Estate n/a
Owner Occupied No Sales Date of Real Estate n/a
Real Estate Sales Price n/a Real Estate Down Payment n/a
Business Type corporation (Franchise, Etc) Property Size n/a
Property Usage n/a    
Loan to Value n/a % Loan divided by Property Value Asking Price for Real Estate Note n/a
Type of Note Other If Other, Specify promissory note on purchase of business assets
I have a copy of the following and can make copies available by: E-Mail    
Copy of Estate Note No Closing Statement No
Proof of Hazard Insurance No Photo of Real Estate No
Payer's Credit Report No Recent Appraisal No
Street Address (register as an Investor) Real Estate / Property City n/a
State Texas Zip Code n/a
You are a/an Note Holder    
Your First Name Steven Your Last Name (register as an Investor)
Day Phone Number 7132011775 Evening Phone Number (register as an Investor)
Fax (register as an Investor) Your E-Mail Address (register as an Investor)
Referred By (register as an Investor) How Much Do You Need? see addtional information
How fast do you need it? as soon as an agreement is made
Added information about your Business Note. IE. Explain why you are selling this note. On 9/1/09 I sold the assets of my company (Moody Review). THE purchase price was to be 1.2x gross revenues. To establish the purchase price, I agreed to take the 12 months from 9/1/09 thru 8/31/10. IN the mean time, the payments to me were based upon a % of net revenues for the first year and a 100k down payment. Also, I was given 10% of the purchasing entity and an employment agreement (5 years) for myself and my assistant. I wanted to minimize my position within the entity and also wanted to get my assistant bought out of her employment agreement, so I agreed to extend the payments out over 8 years. Currently, the balance due to me is a little over 1.2mil and is paid in quarterly payments of 39k+ for the next 31 quarters. My 10% ownership is worth about 250k and my employment agreement is worth about 525k over the next 3.5 years. The note is backed by the company and allows for repossession immediately upon late pay (after 45 day grace period). It is also backed by the proprietary software. The software cost to produce is greater than 3.5mil. However, when I first took over the company, the management of the time expensed out the production costs instead of capitalizing. But, the reason I bring up the software (aside from its value) is that the majority owner utilizes the software for another entity that he owns (SCM). It produces about 35k per month in revenue for HRS (the buyer of my assets in which I own 10%). Even if the company and assets are reposesed, he would still need to utilize the software for his other company, so the revenue would continue. This also gives him extreme motivation to make any/all payments timely as the other entity (SCM) is his primary source of income. I do not have a UCC1 but will have them fill one out if needed. The entity averages a little over 100k per month in revenue with about 20% margins. If the appropriate changes were made and one of the owners was not taking a sizable salary out of the revenues, the margins would increase to greater than 35%. The company is medical cost containment. Most of the customers are long term customers (5+ years with one or 2 that are greater than 10 years). The reason I want to sell is that I have a new start up that I want to get moving and need the funds. It is a completely different field (the new start up). The current balance due to me is 1.2mil +. There is no interest. I am hoping to get 900k+ for the full note. If someone is interested, with the full value of the 10%, the employment contract, and the note are just short of 2mil. I would be willing to sell all for 1.4+.    


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