Structured Settlements

The form below shows all Structured Settlements investment opportunity. You as an investor can make offers to purchase these investments and add them to your portfolio. Remember you are making an offer to the holder of the investment. Once you decide to make an offer you will then scroll down the page until you find the name and phone number of the seller of the structured settlement and present it to them. Simon Volkov Inc. has nothing to do with these annuities so we demand that you do your own due-diligence before you call or submit your offers directly to the note holder.

Insurance Company Making payments MA Lottery    
Payment Amount 50,000    
Next Due Date 2018    
Number or Payments Remain 6    
Payments Made Annually If other, Specify
Age of Recipient 52    
Type of Settlement Other If other, Specify MA LOTTERY
Your First Name John    
Your Last Name (register as an Investor)    
Day Phone Number 5088447809    
Evening Phone Number (register as an Investor)    
Your E-mail (register as an Investor)    
City Carver    
State Massachusetts    
Referred By (register as an Investor)    
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Added information about your Structured Settlement. IE. Explain why you are selling this note. lottery winnings i have sold in past to peachtree and tryng to see if going private would net more    


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