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Foreclosure Homes

There are millions of foreclosure homes sitting vacant all across America. Many will remain vacant for years to come; lowering property values and increasing the potential for criminal activities and squatters. Experts are concerned about this growing problem, but offer few solutions.

Real estate investors who purchase foreclosure homes are making a huge difference in communities stricken by unemployment and economic decline. Many investors are purchasing distressed properties well below market value, fixing them up and either reselling the houses or renting them out to displaced homeowners

Most investors elect to work with realtors and REO specialists to locate foreclosure real estate. Considering the abundance of homes on the market, seeking out properties can be an overwhelming task. Working with professionals can help investors locate the best bargains in the least amount of time.

Individuals facing foreclosure are sometimes allowed to engage in short sales. When lenders agree to engage in a short sale they accept less than is owed on the mortgage note as long as the borrower can locate a buyer.

If you need to sell your house fast due to foreclosure, bankruptcy or to satisfy a short sale agreement, I invite you to submit your property via the "we buy houses" form. There is no fee and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

As a private real estate investor, I buy houses across the nation. However, my primary interest is properties located in southern California. Don't let that stop you from submitting your property. I have a network of savvy investors who are always on the lookout for great real estate deals. If I am unable to buy your house, I might be able to connect you to an investor who can.

If you are just starting out in real estate investing, I invite you to spend time perusing our foreclosure homes article library. Here you will find a variety of informative articles on investing in distressed properties.

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