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Flipping Houses or House Flipping does it matter what you call it?

Flipping houses offers a variety of ways to make money in real estate investing. From handyman specials to neglected Hollywood mansions, house flipping attracts the interest of first-time investors to real estate moguls. House flipping can encompass full-fledge hands-on construction or be as simple as simple as signing legal documents.

Many people enjoy the challenge of flipping houses. They obtain great satisfaction in taking a run-down property and transforming it back into an attractive home. They enjoy knocking down walls, tearing out cabinets, ripping up carpet and getting their hands dirty.

Other real estate investors prefer to hire contractors to perform work on their house flipping projects. While they might oversee the project or even invest their own sweat equity, they don't have the knowledge or desire to complete all the tasks on their own.

Then there is the group of investors who purchase distressed properties at wholesale and resell the house to another investor under market value. While the investor doesn't make as much profit per house, experienced investors can turn 15-30 houses per month. In order to achieve this level of investing requires considerable knowledge and skill, along with a team of contractors, realtors and a network of investors.

Investors engage in a variety of techniques when it comes to flipping houses. Some purchase houses with the sole intent of buying low-cost property, fixing them up at minimal cost and selling them for profit within a short timeframe.

Other real estate investors fix the property and hold it. Generally, they will rent the house for 6 to 24 months, than sell the property when market prices rise. In some instances, investors offer these rental homes as rent-to-own, allowing their tenant the option to purchase the house for a set amount within a specific period of time.

Flipping houses is not as easy as it used to be. However, there is still considerable potential to generate substantial profits from this type of real estate transaction. Simon Volkov offers nationwide real estate investment opportunities through his Real Estate Investment Club. Many properties are sold for 70-cents on the dollar; making them ripe for house flipping investments.

Additionally, Simon's comprehensive real estate article library features numerous articles on real estate investing techniques. Topics include short sales, foreclosures, bank owned and real estate owned properties and more. We frequently add new articles to our database and invite you to stop by often.